RVA Fashion Week 2015 Wrap-up

Video by Catie Kelly We’ll paint the scene for you: upbeat music fills the air of a breezy tent settled in the beautiful Maymont Park, the spotlights are pointed and the cameras are flashing. RVA Fashion Week might be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Follow along as RCFU takes you into […]


RVA Fashion Week Recap: Designer and Boutique Showcase Part One

Written by Madison Moran Photographed by Jessica Fatherly Sweating, steamy, and ready for great fashion, we awaited the beginning of the RVA Fashion Week Designer and Boutique Show: Part One at Maymont’s Nature Center. The event took place outside, covered by a tent filled with rowed seating. Nine talented designers showed their collections that night. […]

RVA Fashion Week Recap: Art and Jewelry Gala

Written by Valerie Manu Photographed by Mollie Hargrove RVA Fashion Week has come to an end for yet another year – and as always, it did not disappoint. There were a host of several different shows that displayed diversity and creativity from local Richmond artists and designers. This year, we had the pleasure of attending […]