Sophia Rieth, Art Foundations

Street Style: The Final Days of Fall Fashion

By Jessica Fatherly It never fails around this time of year. Whenever you hear someone say the weather is “bipolar”, that means you’re in Virginia. One day it will be 80 degrees and then the next, the temperature plummets to 40. Now we face yet another transition. As winter approaches, Richmonders are beginning to abandon fall staples and adopt heavier options. This […]

Eurotrash ‘Wish List’ Event

Written by Madison Moran Photographed by Catie Kelly If you have a curiosity for European fashion and a taste for sophisticated trends, then Eurotrash will be your new favorite RVA boutique. Located in Richmond’s “mile of style”, Carytown, Eurotrash offers a wide array of popular European brands like French Connection and Ted Baker known for […]

Pull My Trigger

 The light is flattering, the air is perfumed and nothing ever changes. Who doesn’t need to believe that? Just for a little while.                                Anyone who says money doesn’t buy happiness, doesn’t know where to shop. Photographed by Abigail Gorden Dress […]

He Was a King

It’s the twentieth century sweetie. You wanna make a buck? Have ‘em start showin a little skin.                              If it weren’t for married men we’d be out of business dear. Photographed by Abigail Gorden Men’s vest, tuxedo pants, and shirt by Alton […]