#RVABloggerBabes SheSawStyle: Fashion and Beyond

Story by Christina Amano Dolan Photos By Trysten Evans   Stephanie is definitely not your average lifestyle blogger. SheSawStyle is a bit of everything. Her fashion and lifestyle blog is flourishing with multifarious RVA street styles, posts of body positivity through fashion expression, beauty advice of loving one’s own skin while rocking a few beauty […]

Getting Festive with Fab’rik!

  Story by Anna DeBald Photos by Dom Khun Much like you, we at River City Fashion Uprising adore the holidays. We love it for the unlimited Starbucks drinks, the exclusive sales, the aroma of fresh evergreen trees and more importantly, the fun that lies within dressing appropriately for seasonal festivities. We search for the […]

#RVABloggerBabes Live Among Chic: Confidence, Passion, and Winter Fashion!

Story by Christina Amano Dolan Photos by Trysten Evans  Dee and Sarah, dynamic duo fashion bloggers of Live Among Chic, revealed their inspiring and surprisingly relatable stories of young adulthood and their navigation through demanding college classes, job loss, juggling work, and – most significantly – struggling with confidence. No matter what phase in their […]

Vintage Decades Day Dream: NIGHTHAWKS Vintage

Story by Aayesha Poudel Photos by Monica Escamilla We often find ourselves dreaming of a different decade, lost in the trends, culture and lifestyle that it embodies. Local brand Nighthawks Vintage, embraces the nostalgia of the 80’s and 90’s, while reminding us that our current trends are not to be overlooked. Jessa began her company […]

Model Your Heart Charity Fashion Show: A Night of Captivating Creativity

Story by Christina Amano Dolan Photos by Allyson Gailey   The night began with an old brick building of sheer black – simple and modest from the outside – but as the doors opened, I was immediately immersed in the atmosphere of booming music, stimulating club lights, excited movements of models being pampered and polished, […]

RVA Girl Boss, Taylor Pitera and TAILOR

  Story By: Ashley Newman Photos by: Sophia Bain Fashion Direction: Aysia Ward River City Fashion Uprising wrapped up the TAILOR  photoshoot on Saturday, October 14th shot around Richmond’s chic downtown area which tied into Taylor’s Pitera’s street style inspiration. Interviewing Taylor, and I got to understand the inspiration behind TAILOR as well as Taylor’s […]

RVA Fall Fashion Weekend: A Glorious Recap

Story by Ashley Newman Photos By Trysten Evans   RVA’s fashion week was an experience unlike any other; the moment I stepped out of the elevators, more than 15 floors up, I was taken aback by the view of Richmond. There were multiple vendors out, selling makeup, clothing, and ties. I ended up purchasing a […]


Story by Trysten Evans Photos by Daniella Osuna The streets of Richmond were full of art and fashion enthusiasts on Friday Night. Day two of RVA Fall Fashion Weekend also fell on the city’s monthly First Fridays event. Galleries and boutiques left their doors open for all to be enthused during a Fashion Crawl. Two […]

Express Yourself: Back to School with ASHBY

Story by Anna DeBald Art Direction and Photos by Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez Fashion Direction: Aysia Ward and Sarah Elsadig Put away your Triangl bathing suits, high waisted jean shorts, and your Arizona Birkenstocks. As the humidity in the Richmond area slowly decreases, and the leaves begin to change, the looks you will be seeing around […]

All Aboard! MamerSass Reinvented Fashions

Story By Trysten Evans Photos by Sophia Bain   The vintage clothing industry has undoubtedly seen a shift from purpose to aesthetic over the years as a result of big fashion companies focusing on selling for profit. Despite this, MamerSass Reinvented Fashions stands out by dedicating themselves to bringing people authentic redesigned vintage while also […]

Mad Women – A Style Profile for Halcyon Vintage

Photos and Art Direction Monica Escamilla Story by Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez Model Courtney Lebow Make Up Solleyha Mathurin     On an August afternoon, the summer light seems to pour into the shop on North Robinson, bathing everything in sight in a golden glow. A glow that make sense, considering Halycon Vintage’s namesake. From furs […]

Fantastic Pink Plastic

Story and Photos by Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez  This weekend RCFU took something of a field trip, travelling to DC’s blissfully colorful art gallery Blind Whino for Pink Plastic‘s first ever pop up show! The event kicked off at 2pm yesterday and the venue was equally as fun as the brand itself. Pink Plastic prides itself on being […]


Story by Briana Thornton Photos by Dom Khun    Coachella may have already wrapped up its two weekends of desert fun, music festival is in full swing with quite the line-up for the upcoming summer. Music festivals have blown up over the last decade and the rush kicks off in March with South by Southwest […]

The Revolution: Ammo Stilo Takes RVA

Story by Stephen Clatterbuck Photos by Paige Horn Ammo Stilo, an emerging brand from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania prides itself on fearless expression through clothing by bringing high quality and thought provoking garments to the market. The brand recently released their Live to Die Collection at a pop-up at Monument on Broad. Stilo, an acronym for Some.Trendy.Individual.Living.Out.Loud, […]

RVA Fashion Week: Trunk Show

Story by Katelyn O’Neal Photos by Stephen Clatterbuck The 9th Annual RVA Fashion Week ended with the Trunk Show, which took place at Hardywood Craft Brewery. The trunk show featured a variety of items such as clothing, jewelry, art, beauty products and accessories from local RVA vendors. The vendors at the Trunk Show included Miranda […]

RVA Fashion Week: Formal Wear Show

Story by Solleyha Mathurin Photos by Victoria Frank Ever thought about attending a red carpet with the ability to look and feel glamorous? The Saturday RVA Fashion Week Formal Event was giving off those vibes. The show consisted of everything from eccentric colors to small applique detailing from the designers of Tough Cookie, TAILOR, House […]

RVA Fashion Week: Casual Wear Show

Story by Katelyn O’Neal Photos by Mia Navarro On Friday, the Casual Wear Designer Fashion Show kicked off as the second show to take place during RVA Fashion Week. The show featured men’s and women’s street style and everyday fashions from designers including Kylde by Haus of Kylde, Metaya, Future Society, STitch, Is., Victim15, LaPosh, Tangee’s […]

RVA Fashion Week: Boutique Show

Story by Julia Bratu Photos by Victoria Frank The RVA Fashion Week Boutique Fashion show was hosted by the charismatic Jonathan Copeland, boutique manager for Dress for Success RVA. They strutted out onto the runway before each collection with a new 60’s inspired outfit from each designer and boutique, as well as a fun tidbit […]

RVA Fashion Week: Art and Jewelry Gala

Photos and story by Briana Thornton The Art and Jewelry Gala, the second event in RVA Fashion Week, kicked off at Gallery 5. Local jewelry makers and artists were able to present their work and attendees could shop over a glass of wine while mingling with other local art enthusiasts. Keep reading to meet some […]

VCstyleU: Nick Southern

Story and photos by Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez Nick Southern’s Instagram feed is populated with knock-out look after knock-out look. From embroidered trousers to kimonos, and ponchos to kerchiefs, the boy knows what he’s doing. To say that I was inspired to step up my personal style just by ogling over his is a massive understatement. […]

Fashion: The World of Contradiction

Story by Briana Thornton Photos by Mia Navarro Every fashion trend has a story. As it sits at the intersection of time, place and subject, there are countless ways to interpret each and every one of them. Take the mini skirt for example; at the turn of the 20th century, it was inconceivable for women to […]

Live as Your Limitless Self

Photos by Monica Escamillia Creative Direction by Bliss Foster Introduction by Julia Bratu   Something reminiscent of a fairytale, RCFU collaborated with Bliss Foster to embody his conception of the project: Limitless Self. In ten unique looks, fantasy combines with reality to pair sensible and chic garments with high necklines and broad silhouettes and uniquely […]

Get Fit and Stay Cool: Athleisure

Story by Julia Bratu Photos by Monica Escamillia Over the course of the 20th and 21st century, the popularity of sportswear has been on the rise. The casual attitude we take today towards daywear is largely a result of the rising popularity of athletic clothing and sports as a leisure activity, making its way past […]

Duplicate Their Look: The Hadid Sisters

Story by Katelyn O’Neal Photos by Victoria Frank Bella and Gigi Hadid are two of the biggest models gracing the catwalks and heading campaigns for major designers. The sisters both walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show (2016) and are also known for their work together in the Fendi and Moschino Spring/Summer campaigns together. They’ve […]

Celebrate Your Pride in Style

Story by Julia Bratu Photos by Monica Escamillia We take great pride in our incredibly diverse city and campus at RCFU, and strive to be sure we celebrate our differences by promoting positive depictions of people from all walks of life. Our own team is also full of people of all different backgrounds, so it […]

RCFU x Jackie O

Story and photos by Jacynth Rodriguez Styled by Briana Thorton When we think of class and sophistication, we think of women like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who carry themselves, their families, their successes and their tragedies with grace and dignity. Jackie O changed the ‘first lady’ game in 1961 and effortlessly set trends that we adore […]

On-Trend: Head-to-Toe Nude

Photos by Monica Escamillia Our girls at RCFU decided to have some fun with one of their favorite trends: head-to-toe nude. Of course we mean nude and neutral-toned clothing, but the look itself can be just as scandalous if not properly styled. Therefore, we have provided some #OOTD-worthy inspiration for anyone wanting to try this […]

RCFU x Coco Chanel

Written and photographed by Jacynth Rodriguez Styled by Adora Correia Classic, simplistic, timeless, elegant, are there any words more fitting to describe Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel? Born on August 19, 1883 in Saumur, France, the mogul and empress of women’s fashion came from humble beginnings. However, with ambition creativity, she grew her own empire and […]

Project ANDRO

Story and photos by Jacynth Rodriguez I’ve always liked to think that what a person reads says a lot about them. One of the first things my eyes gravitate towards when I enter someone’s home is their personal library. Whether their shelves are packed with the classics, or more niche-bound beauties, I always feel just […]

RCFUxJosephine Baker

Story and Photos by Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez Styled by Solleyha Mathurin Long before Beyonce or even Tina Turner there was Josephine Baker, the first Black Female Superstar. Baker was born June 3, 1906 in St. Louise, Missouri and would become one of the most famous expats in history. Baker was a singer/dancer-turned-activist who left the […]

Dream for Purpose in the New Year

Story by Julia Bratu Photos by Thomas Mednikov Video by Spencer Sease       Dream for Purpose, self-described as a “purpose led creative design house,” is taking Richmond by storm. The brand offers up a unique array of faith-based streetwear, striving to inspire young creatives to express themselves with their style. Since launching in […]

RCFUxBianca Jagger

Story and photos by Jacynth Rodriguez Styled by Aysia Ward From artists to activists, the women we’ve been highlighting this month helped change our world for the better. Many know this week’s boss babe as the first wife of the Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger—but actress, icon and advocate  Bianca Jagger is so much more. Aside […]