Clayton Storm Hall: A Force to be Reckoned With

Interview by Madison Moran Photographed by Lauren Weber Imagine building your business from the bottom up as a junior in college. Just by walking through the library one can hear an endless amount of complaints on tuition, jobs, no money, and no sleep (the list goes on). Yet Clayton Hall has somehow done all of […]

Meet the Designer: Sass Brown

Written by Jessica Fatherly Photographed by Amanda Campbell When RCFU got word that Sass Brown — Assistant Dean at the Fashion Institute of Technology for the School of Art and Design — was scheduled to speak at VCU this week, there was no way we would miss a chance to speak with the London-born eco-fashion designer/ educator extraordinaire. […]

Street Style: When Comfort Meets Style

 Written by Maddie Muran Photographed by Lauren Weber Spotted: Tall blonde walking with a purpose in between Harris and the Commons at VCU. Her name was Jessie Llewellyn and she was on her way to the library, sporting a black mini with an oversized, high low, wrap shirt. This VCU sophomore with a concentration in […]

Who Said Workout Clothes Are Only For Working Out?

By Zoe Pulley Please tell us who does not love activewear? Well, I guess a few people would beg to differ, they might say it’s “lazy-wear” and not meant for everyday, but those people are bold-faced LYING to themselves. Who can resist comfy colorful layers, curve flattering spandex and dri-knit? Possibly one of the best fabric […]