How To: 70’s Style

Written and photographed by Chase Davis and Emily Roe Between the floral prints, flare jeans, and fringe all over the place; it’s no secret that seventies styles are back in full force this season. We’re LOVING this trend because it is so easy to find in our favorite high end boutiques but can also easily […]

Meet the Fashion Blogger: Megan Wilson

Written and photographed by Valerie Manu It was a Wednesday morning as I settled into my seat at the Quirk Hotel. I was fascinated by the beautiful pastel accents and the wall paintings. After a few moments of daydreaming about spending a night there, Megan Wilson approached me. When I learned that Wilson was a […]

How To: #Normcore

Written by Marley Montez  Now that the seventies trend is starting to wind down and the nineties trend is slowly sneaking its way into everyone’s closet, let RCFU tell you about this nineties-esque sub-trend that is without a doubt on the rise: Normcore. As so simply put by the NY Times, normcore is defined as […]