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Story by Marley Montez

Photos by Maia Stanley

Ah yes, it’s finally that time of the year where you have to throw on a winter

coat in the morning just to make it to class alive but by the time your 1 o’clock class

rolls around you’ve suddenly turned into an ice cream cone melting from the

afternoon heat. But don’t worry, this time RCFU has got you covered! We’ve put

together three looks for you to ensure you’re comfy, cool and collected throughout

the rest of the semester. (And none of our looks feature florals so we hope you’re

proud, Miranda Priestly!)


Flower Child


Of course, springtime is a time of rejoicing, renewal and

rebirth so what’s more fitting than a bright rainbow-patterned sweater to ring in the

new season? Match a brightly colored sweater with a pair of shorts, calf boots and a

decked out denim jacket to celebrate the coming of warm weather. Oversized gold

hoops are also perfect for this look as well because a little extra shine always puts a

little extra pep in your step!

Refined Chic


For those of you who gravitate toward a more neutral palette,

springtime is still your oyster! A deep teal midi dress with bright white low-top

sneakers should definitely do the trick. Just make sure to grab a gray jacket to keep

warm and your favorite bag to match. Bonus points if your dress is low-cut; that

means you can accessorize with layered drop chains!

Wild Card


Speaking of layering, it is increasingly becoming one of the

biggest trends right now and we all know Richmond isn’t Richmond without its vast

music scene so go ahead, rep your favorite artist or band by layering a merch shirt

over a turtleneck! And who said layering has to stop at the top? Layer a pair of

fishnet stockings with brightly colored socks to perfectly polarize a pair of metallic

boots. See, you’ll be promoting your favorite artists while still looking cute so we

think it’s definitely a win-win.

RCFU knows how difficult it can be to figure out good looks for Richmond’s

most obscure weather moments but we promise these outfits are sure-fire ways to

combat all the dramatic sighs, all the frustration and all the tears. Whether you’re

bright, refined or bold, show this unpredictable weather who’s boss.


Models  & Stylists

Caity Roos + Shade  Ali

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