RVA Spring Fashion Week 2016: Art and Jewelry Gala

  Written by Marley Montez Photographed by Danielle Brown The time has come for Spring RVA Fashion Week and RCFU couldn’t be more excited! The Art and Jewelry Gala didn’t disappoint; each artist and jewelry maker seemed to give it their all, with such unique and fresh ideas that no two presenters were even remotely […]

RVA Could Use a Little Rescuing

Written by Jessica Fatherly Photographed by Monica Escamilla RCFU took a trip on down to Addison Street, home of Yesterday’s Heroes, a lovable store in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Richmond and VCU’s campus. We arrived on the scene, greeted by racing, upbeat music and racks and shelving filled with an alluring […]

Spring Style Guide

Photographed by Monica Escamilla Written by Jessica Fatherly Modeled by Carly Hanchin Transitioning from winter to spring can be a little tricky, especially in RVA. Sometimes it is hard to gauge whether to keep the warm clothing around in preparation for a random 40 degree day or to stash the wools, scarves, and boots away for […]

How-To: Interview Style

Written by Danielle Brown Photographed by Emily Roe As college students, at this point all of us have most likely had some kind of interview experience, and most likely they have had the same requirements dress code-wise. However, as we start raising the stakes to on-campus work, summer internships, and post-graduation careers, different employers may […]

Shopping Secondhand

Written by Katherine Manson Photographed by Valerie Manu Sustainability in fashion is more important than ever, with fast fashion and overconsumption being the prevailing practices of the industry and fashion consumers. Besides shopping at ethical and transparent retailers, one thing we can do to combat this cycle is buying secondhand. Shopping secondhand is not only […]

Personalizing Professional Style

Written and Photographed by Chase Davis Working in a professional setting can create daily pressure to choose outfits that look polished and put together and for some reason we tend to water down our style’s personality or even feel like we need to become stuffy in the process. This week’s interview is here to prove […]

Gender Bending Style

Written by Nina Sanzi Photographed by Catie Kelly and Nina Sanzi Now that our nation is slowly but surely moving towards accepting gender as a spectrum, fashion is following closely behind. When you walk into trendy stores such as Topshop, Urban Outfitters, or Zara, the men and women’s sections are starting to blur together. Some […]

Fair Fashion

Written by Danielle Brown Photographed by Emily Roe When you go out shopping, and you’re skimming the racks for something cute, what do you look for when you finally see it? It may be the price tag, the size, or even the fabric. But, do you ever look at where it was made? And, more […]

Closet Favorites: Kaylee


Written and photographed by Emily Roe   Picking out an outfit is kind of like finding something to eat, you go back and forth from pantry to fridge lowering your standards each time in order to find something you like!  But we all have those items in our closet that we have an emotional connection with […]

Day in the Life of a College Student


Written by Danielle Brown Photographed by Chase Davis Modeled by Marley Montez  A new year means a new semester, and a new semester means new ideas to inspire your #ootd looks. However, we understand that as a college student that can mean three different outfits for just one day. Between classes, your job/internship, and maybe […]