Halloween Hacks

Story by Julia Bratu
Photos by Dom Khun
It’s officially Halloween season! Unfortunately, most of us are more worried about how to meet those end-of-October deadlines for work and school than going out and spending money on the hottest costume(s) for the weekend. On a time crunch, it can be easy to give up on the dress-up festivities and feel like the odd one out during one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. That’s why our stylists Daniela Osuna and Solleyha Mathurin have taken the liberty of putting together a few DIY looks that will transform you from regular to prepared and party-ready. All it takes is a painless trip to your closet (or at least, your nearest thrift store). All of our DIY looks cost under $20, take under two hours to create, and are guaranteed to give you that festive edge you’ve been looking for this Halloween.

Modern Marilyn:

Stylist, Solleyha Mathurin
Model, Caity Roos
For this look, all you need to do is find the most flowy dress you can dig out out of your closet. Pearls and chunky costume jewelry are always a plus, and easily work with just about any classy look inspired by a timeless beauty.  For the makeup, take white paint to cover the face, and black paint to accent facial features and your neck to make that iconic black and white “flying skirt” photo that we all know too well come to life. Feel free to use black eyeshadow to blend further. If needed, there are plenty Marilyn-esque wigs available at local grocery stores and pop-up Halloween stores around this time of year. If not, you can always achieve the hair with a set of curlers and a ton of hairspray!

Look 1


Glowing Goddess:

Stylist, Solleyha Mathurin
Model, Caity Roos
The simplest part of this look is almost everyone has a long, flowy dress from past seasons’ fashions, or at least a bedsheet and a belt. A pair of strappy sandals, or gladiators from deep in your closet will do for shoes. For a headpiece, a few leaves from outside, spray painted and glued to a headband will work just as well as a golden hairclip or a repurposed flower crown. Once your outfit is set up, the most you’ll have to do is highlight, highlight, highlight! In order to create that glowing, ethereal look, take a pearlescent highlighter and a ton of glitter and highlight on the cheekbones and underneath the brow bone to give the appearance of having just fallen from heaven (pun intended).

Look 2


Fortune Teller:

Stylist, Daniela Osuna
Model, Tamarah Clayton
A flowy bohemian-style dress with an interesting or colorful pattern is perfect to mimic the look of a fortune teller. A head wrap was used for the headpiece, with dangly accents purchased from Jo Ann Fabrics that can be tucked under the head piece, or glued or sewn on for security. Spice up your look with rustic and crystal motifs layered over top each other to create a free-spirited aesthetic. For a dainty and almost witchy jewelry piece, a necklace can be wrapped around the wrist a few times and be repurposed into an easily adjustable bracelet. For makeup and added body effects, a waterproof gel eyeliner can be added using a stencil or free handed on the body to create fun, temporary tattoos that won’t smudge overnight. For makeup, a dramatic smokey eye, defined eyebrows, and dark sensual colors for the lips will tie everything together nicely. Carry around a pack of playing cards and not only will you turn heads, you might be able to make some people at that party wonder if you really can tell their future.

Look 3

Classic Vampire:

Stylist, Daniela Osuna
Model, Katelyn Eagle
You know that little black dress everyone has? Do you also know that little leather jacket everyone in Richmond has? Well, pair those two together with boots, a lace choker, and black tights or leggings and voila! Instant vampire persona. For makeup, all you have to do is pile on that eyeliner and smudge it a little bit underneath the eyes if you want to go for a messier look. If not, let your wings be as sharp as the fangs you’ll use to bite into your victims this Halloween. Red lipstick classically works for the vampire look, and blood packets or fake blood can be purchased from the grocery store, Halloween stores, or even the dollar store within the next few days. The same goes for fake fangs if you feel like going all out.

Look 4

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