Fashion Staples

Story and Styling by Solleyha Mathurin
Photos by Mia Navarro 
Fashion: a popular trend; staple: a basic or necessary item. We can assume a fashion staple is an article of clothing, or accessory, worn on various occasions during different seasons, that enhances an outfit when layered. Everyone has their own style, but we all know that feeling of running short on time and not having an outfit picked out yet. For me, it helps when all my staples and everyday items are sitting on my clothing rack and are readily accessible.
Rule of thumb: the simpler the pieces, the easier it is to pair. Having too many patterns and colors to choose from can be very overwhelming, especially when you are running late. So, keeping it simple can help you in the long run. I’m not saying turn your whole wardrobe into a monochromatic fortress, just the staples you decide to pick out.
A staple should be something you know you’ll want to have for a while, so choose wisely. First in the bunch is bralettes; they have numerous upsides. They are comfortable, breathable, and come in many different styles and sizes, making it easy to find the one that suits you best. You can wear them with high waisted pants if you’re daring, or tucked under a V-neck shirt so you only get a sneak peek. Either way, they are one of the easiest items to upscale an outfit with.
We all should own a pair of black jeans for those days when we want to wear that denim shirt, but feel like the denim on denim look is a little too risky to tackle. This article of clothing allows the other pieces of your outfit to pop, unless you’re going for that all-black look. And, if you feel like going a step further, why not add a knee slit to the mix. Knee-slit jeans add just the right amount of edginess to any outfit.
The layered necklace trend has made a statement in the past year and has now become a ritual of my everyday wardrobe. It gives the outfit an effortless look without trying too hard by simply mixing necklaces of different lengths and styles. You can even take a long necklace and wrap it two or three times and it still looks like you know what you’re doing. This trend can tend to look a little misplaced over busy prints, so try to stick with solid or minimal patterned pieces.
Whether it’s fall or spring, we all love a good outerwear piece to throw over our shoulders.  From the edgy vibes of a leather bomber to the urban feel of the utility jacket and the classiness of a trench coat, each plays their own role in fashion, and each piece can transform any outfit it touches. These clothing items allow you to keep a fashionable look while roaming the streets, because we all know how that puffy jacket can take away from the vision.
Everyone needs a good pair of booties whether they’re one inch tall or three, suede or smooth leather, or chelsea-styled. They add a level of chicness to a variety of outfits while elongating the legs. Style them with a pair of cuffed jeans and you’ve got half of your outfit ready. Although, if you’re one that chooses comfort over cuteness, you can’t go wrong with a pair of white sneakers. Even though they make an outfit more casual, pairing them with something dressier, such as a bodycon dress, allows you to reach an equilibrium.
Take what you can from this article, but make it your own. Like Ralph Lauren says “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.”

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