Shop Sweetest Stitch for the Holidays

Story by Katelyn O’Neal 
Photos by John DiJulio and Becca Schwartz

Sweetest Stitch is a Richmond-based boutique owned by Niki Kong. The store started out as an e-commerce business in March 2015, focusing on online sales and pop-ups. Niki recently opened up her first storefront in Richmond, which is a milestone for the company. Sweetest Stitch targets young to middle-aged women and offers a variety of products such as apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Niki believes Richmond is a great location for her first store, as she is from the area and the fashion scene is on the rise.

Kong says her personal style, which she describes as “contemporary”, often with an edgy twist, is clearly displayed throughout the store. Her biggest style inspirations are Olivia Palermo and Blake Lively, who, too, have a rather contemporary taste in clothes.

When asked what her favorite part of owning her own business is, she responded with “Having the freedom to be the buyer, and being able to choose the clothes that are sold at the store.” Kong also enjoys working for herself, and being her own boss.

The boutique owner touched on the process of being a buyer and mentioned she attends Magic, one of the most comprehensive fashion marketplaces in the U.S. – it occurs in Las Vegas.

Sweetest Stitch’s collaboration with River City had a definite focus on fall/winter styles with textures like velvet and fur. The looks included jackets, vests, sweaters, skirts, and ankle booties. Color palettes incorporated the use of neutrals and jewel tones such as green, red, and blue – colors guaranteed to be trending for the upcoming winter season.

Overall, looks styled had a slightly more urban vibe to capture the essence of River City, while still staying true to the contemporary and modern feel of Sweetest Stitch. For example, as seen above, a camo jacket was styled with a button-down denim skirt – which seamlessly integrates both aesthetics.

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