Dream for Purpose in the New Year

Story by Julia Bratu
Photos by Thomas Mednikov
Video by Spencer Sease

Dream for Purpose, self-described as a “purpose led creative design house,” is taking Richmond by storm. The brand offers up a unique array of faith-based streetwear, striving to inspire young creatives to express themselves with their style. Since launching in 2011, DFP has released four ‘Sermons’ – how the brand ascribes their collections, and frequently collaborates with local artists and entrepreneurs. Each Sermon has had a distinctive theme, with the most recent being ‘The Renewal’ released this past August.
On one surprisingly warm day in early November, RCFU was given the chance to collaborate with DFP in order to showcase the spirit of the powerhouse. In conjunction with bright autumn leaves above, the canal shimmering with reflections from the sun’s rays below, and the sound of a train journeying through a more industrious section of Brown’s Island, it was not hard to connect DFP’s message through clothing with a higher creative appreciation.
The styles selected for this photoshoot boast balance and unity with the environment. While the greys and blacks, and impressively designed low contrast, white-on-white clothing may seem like a bold choice exhibiting a dauntless creative statement, when paired with the natural, yet urban décor of one of Richmond’s most beautiful parks, DFP’s statement “creativity is divine” is prevalent.
Of particularly high importance, merging the scenery with the message our clothing can affect the atmosphere around us, are the shirts that read “everybody shining can’t glow.” These shirts are from a DFP x Chance Fischer collaboration and embody what it means to think about your existence and create balance with the surrounding environment.
The other designs showcased in this shoot include white pocket tees that read ‘Dream for Purpose Global Ministries’ on the back with an image of a dove inside a wired globe, and a bright white-on-white shirt that reads ‘Dream for Purpose.” Each piece evokes the emotion that Dream for Purpose belongs to something bigger than itself- and it does. This is a brand that strives to promote positivity, creativity and the idea faith is necessary in the journey towards success.
With each article of clothing DFP releases, they preach to a generation of young people where contemporary style is consistently failing to inspire them. Through various uplifting style projects and relatable collections of clothing with heavy emphasis on faith and the desire to make dreams become reality, Dream for Purpose paves the way to a revolutionary faction of creative projects and streetwear designs.
Don’t forget to visit the site here, and if you missed out on the promo video, check it out below!

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