Get Fit and Stay Cool: Athleisure

Story by Julia Bratu
Photos by Monica Escamillia
Over the course of the 20th and 21st century, the popularity of sportswear has been on the rise. The casual attitude we take today towards daywear is largely a result of the rising popularity of athletic clothing and sports as a leisure activity, making its way past scandal and into the hearts of modern society.
Now, the athleisure trend has rooted itself in contemporary fashion culture. The best part of athleisure is that there are seemingly no hard-defined rules in order to be on trend. Sneakers and track suits are no longer only standard fare for the gym, but they can be taken out on the town and still be considered just as casually cute. Sweatpants can be mixed with casual jackets and worn out to the movies, jewelry can be mixed with a sports bra, and the sneaker is a celebrated way to demonstrate that you are ready to get up and go on any occasion.
In honor of this newly established style standard, RCFU stylists personally put together a few outfits to inspire you to create your very own athleisure outfits that really shine.

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