Live as Your Limitless Self

Photos by Monica Escamillia
Creative Direction by Bliss Foster
Introduction by Julia Bratu

Something reminiscent of a fairytale, RCFU collaborated with Bliss Foster to embody his conception of the project: Limitless Self. In ten unique looks, fantasy combines with reality to pair sensible and chic garments with high necklines and broad silhouettes and uniquely constructed accessories, like a multi-tiered straw hat or wire rabbit ears. A few of the more colorful designs bring us back to our childhoods, when we found ourselves playing tea party with stuffed rabbits and chasing butterflies out in fields of daisies. However, they also remind us that in this grown-up world, we can still find the beauty in the little things. Each of these looks is crafted specifically to appeal to our most nostalgic sensibilities and reveal that while we grow old, we never really have to grow up. It is with pleasure that RCFU invites you to discover your own Limitless Self.

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