Mad Women – A Style Profile for Halcyon Vintage

Photos and Art Direction Monica Escamilla
Story by Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez
Model Courtney Lebow
Make Up Solleyha Mathurin
On an August afternoon, the summer light seems to pour into the shop on North Robinson, bathing everything in sight in a golden glow. A glow that make sense, considering Halycon Vintage’s namesake.

From furs to dresses, to the scarves suspended from the ceiling, each piece of clothing begs you to sit silently for a moment, and listen to its story. Halycon Vintage is a quaint little shop of wonders found at 117 N. Robinson Street in Richmond VA. The store itself is now under new management, Didi Chisholm, a vintage veteran, took over in May of 2017.

1960s Faux leather white hat
Vintage silver shoes
1960s Mod white lace dress
1960s Sarah Coventry daisy clip-on earrings

While the line between what is vintage and what isn’t can be a bit fuzzy, according to Didi, it really depends on who you ask. Some Etsy shops consider the early 90s and older to be vintage  while more strict vintage connoisseurs may have more purist ideas when it comes to categorizing the fabrics of our past.

Late 1950s Yellow dress
1920s Yellow lace gloves
1950s Clip on enamel floral clip-on earrings

Didi herself found a passion in vintage as a teen, she loved the thrifted pieces she found so much that aside from wearing them, she began collecting them. Eventually her collection grew so exponentially that she had no choice but to begin selling.

Vintage Butterfly Scarf in Coral
1960s Coral Evening Clip-on earrings
1960s Pink Striped Dress

Before managing Halcyon, Didi worked with Urban Artifacts, and sold clothing on almost every vintage forum. When asked about her greatest vintage find, Didi was stumped. After a few days of consideration, she settled contently on several Marimekko dresses from the 60s and 70s she rescued from an estate sale.

Perhaps what captivates our hearts the most about vintage clothing is the quiet beauty of the ‘lived in’ piece, the stories bound tightly into the seams of dresses, and wrapped around buttons and earrings, the idyllic nature of Halcyon Vintage tugs at something inside all of us. It seems that as long as fashion transcends time, we will find ourselves drawn to the pieces at Halcyon Vintage.

Editor in Chief: Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez

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