Express Yourself: Back to School with ASHBY

Story by Anna DeBald
Art Direction and Photos by Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez
Fashion Direction: Aysia Ward and Sarah Elsadig

Put away your Triangl bathing suits, high waisted jean shorts, and your Arizona Birkenstocks. As the humidity in the Richmond area slowly decreases, and the leaves begin to change, the looks you will be seeing around campus and down on Broad Street will be making exciting changes too!

To kick off this new season, we at RCFU have collaborated with Ashby, a an eclectic consignment shop located in Carytown, to inspire all your fall fashion proclivities. Ashby offers racks teeming with modern, previously loved clothing in an electric atmosphere. Second-hand shops have made their way to the forefront of fashion recently because of the level of individuality the clothing grants customers, since most of the garments cannot be purchased in store or online anymore. This allowed our models the perfect amount of funk to add to their street style as we shot around VCU’s campus.
The colors of the each look are brand new to the year and specific to the season. The reds, blacks, grays and yellows inspire a transition from the greens, whites, pinks and blues of the summer months, all wrapped up into creative prints. We were most inspired by plaids, geometric shapes and stripes. This fall you should not be afraid to mix colors, just check out our stylist, Jerrel Funtilla’s choice of a striped gray jacket and yellow socks. Be bold enough to wear pants all one print, or a bright colored beanie amidst the changing weather.
Speaking of beanies, accessories should be a major investment for you this year. Each look from our shoot bursts with a sense of minimalism as the silhouettes of the garments, carefully chosen, are quite effortless. However, it is the accessories that give each look a certain wow factor.

Take our model Daniella’s look, styled by Nia Jones, for instance. She wears layered gold necklaces to contrast against her burnt orange, flannel shirt. Our model Michael, also styled by Nia, wears a bright red beanie that matches his red backpack. Accessorizing an outfit makes helps you instantly personalize your look.

We all know that the best part about this fall is the layers. Take our model Amber’s look, styled by Solleyha Mathurin, for example. She sports a black bralette under a corduroy jacket, topped off with a double sided maroon scarf. The silhouette of each garment is simple, but when added together each piece produces an overall interesting shape and a distinctive outfit.
Layering can completely transform a look from basic, to something no one has ever seen or thought of before. Amber’s outfit could have stopped with the corduroy jacket, or even the bralette, but if we all want to be noticeable in between the bustle of people on our way to class, adding the extra layer is the way to do. Plus, it keeps us warm against those James River winds!
This year is all about combining fall colors with layers of new prints, mixed with the little details of jewelry and a pair of sunglasses. It is about standing out, and being over the top in a way you think would be subtle, but actually produces a charismatic look. This is why we love fall, for the new things it brings, much like the everyday adventure of embellishing ourselves.

Stylists: Ashley Newman, Jerrel Funtilla, Nia Jones, and Solleyha Mathurin
Models: Aaron Lai, Amber Welton, Bryce Settles, Daniella Osuna, Michael Attilla, Nia Jones, and Sophia Bain
MUA: Rameesha Ali Dar and Luz Aguba

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