RVA Girl Boss, Taylor Pitera and TAILOR

Story By: Ashley Newman
Photos by: Sophia Bain
Fashion Direction: Aysia Ward
River City Fashion Uprising wrapped up the TAILOR  photoshoot on Saturday, October 14th shot around Richmond’s chic downtown area which tied into Taylor’s Pitera’s street style inspiration.

Interviewing Taylor, and I got to understand the inspiration behind TAILOR as well as Taylor’s history, motivations, and strengths. The first question I asked her was “What was your inspiration for TAILOR?”. Taylor told me she strives for versatility; “I am drawn to anything I can mix and match”. Taylor gets her inspiration from street wear and street style. Market, which she explained later, is another place she gets her inspiration for her business.

Taylor is a Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) alumni. I asked her what she took away from VCU, and how she applied this to her TAILOR. Taylor believes that VCU supplies amazing opportunities for students. She also stated that VCU has an incredible fashion program that she always appreciated. Interestingly enough, Taylor told me that she was accepted into VCU pre-dental, however, within two weeks of her freshmen year, she realized that was not going to work for her.

This brought me to my next question, “How did you turn your vision into a business?” Ten days after graduating from VCU, Taylor moved to New York City. Taylor turned an internship into a job in five quick days. After that experience Taylor knew  that she wanted to be her own boss. She was overworked, but underpaid, and that was not going to slide.
Of the whole NYC experience Taylor said, “I didn’t think I could survive in New York and I couldn’t achieve what I wanted to in that lifestyle”.  Taylor went on to tell me why, and how she became her own boss, a rising trend is doing business online. “It was less overhead which meant that I could get into being my own boss and own my own business much faster, and easier.
When asked about her favorite part of being in the fashion business, she replied, “behind the scene stuff”. Going to the Market, which is like an exclusive mall where you get to see what is going to be in season, like a first-look. It is also a great community to meet people.

I then asked her which project she was most proud of, she couldn’t tell me one specifically because she was proud of them all saying,“I’m finally at the point in my business that I am proud of myself which is weird, comprehending”. It was unbelievably refreshing to speak with someone who was so content with their work and process.

Almost as refreshing as these new fall friendly looks. The showcased looks are filled with transitional pieces, peek-a-boo details and rich autumnal hues.
Creative Director: Dom Khun
Stylists: Shade Ali, Nia Jones
MUA: Rameesha Dar, Jazmin Barreno
Models: Amber Welton, Caity Roos, Kenya Williams, Sarah Elsadig
Videographer: Allyson Gailey

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