How Fab’rik is Redefining the “Gal on the Go”

Story By: Aayesha Poudel
Photos By: Kylie Newcomb

Oftentimes when we think of a girl boss, we think of a millennial woman who is single, young, career driven and of course stylish (very Carrie Bradshaw). But are those the only girl bosses out there? Or are there multitudes of women who have broken glass ceilings in different ways.

Today, a girl boss can be a single mother who works hard for her kids. A girl boss can also be a college student who doesn’t know where they want to end up, but is constantly challenging herself to figure that out. The women we should look up to today aren’t a cookie cutter version of whom we may constantly see on social media, but a diverse group who use their energy and drive to set the way for their successors.

Today’s modern woman can feel confident in her own personal style. Whether she feels the most empowered in a monochromatic suit, in a bold statement print, or an a chic ensemble that highlights her femininity. We collaborated with Fab’rik in Carytown to showcase what it means to be a girl boss today.

We find our three women in a market after a busy day. They could be doing a bit of grocery shopping after a long day of work or grabbing a late lunch after catching up on errands. They come from different places, with visions, struggles, interests and fears. But the one thing that molds them together is their tenacity to achieve their goals.

Because at the end of the day, that is what being empowered is. It is your ability to envision a future for yourself, and overcome any obstacle in order to make it into a reality. It is the ability to know your values, and never let temporary satisfaction taint them.

Our first model walks in, knowing what she wants. She wears a monochromatic outfit pairing a white blazer with jeans. She wears a purple lace top, to give the look a bit of playfulness. She included a matching snake skin belt that adds a bit of fun to the otherwise put together outfit.

The second model twirls around the supermarket in a ballerina-esque dress. She styles the dress with a white blouse underneath which embodies her youth and style. She finds herself strolling through the aisles with a basket in her hands, and enjoying an iced coffee while finding time to relax in between her busy day.

The last model exudes “fierce” from head to toe. She wears a red one shoulder top paired with black shorts and a cheetah kimono that drapes around her. Her heels make her look elegant, while her space buns show off her creative personality. She is poised, yet holds herself with power.

These are the women of today. They all have intriguing personalities, yet are unique in their own ways. Fab’rik proves that these are the women attract, through their core motto “We set goals, work hard, and cross the finish line.

Fab’rik practices what they preach and accomplish this goal by providing affordable fashion to their customer demographic. Alongside this, they dedicate their time to causes such as Free Fabric,that is a non-profit program that hosts free shopping sprees to local women in need.

Stylist: Anna Debald
Models: Aayesha Poudel, Dom Khun, and Savannah Barnett

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