How to Be Cool for the Summer with Urban Outfitters

In Collaboration with Urban Outfitters Virginia

Story by Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez

Photos by Dom Khun

What do we love most about summer? The days get longer, and brighter, and hotter, in more ways than one. Summer provides us the chance to live more than we have in finicky months of winter and early spring.

Summer begs us to bring out the very best of our closets and of ourselves. It’s the time for fun patterns like gingham–that’s right, gingham isn’t just for picnic blankets anymore. The good news is, Urban Outfitters carries summer colored mini skirts and jumpsuits in every size so being your own ray of sunshine has truly never been easier.

It’s also the perfect time for mixing and matching various textures like sensual satin, or practical linen. Pairing a delicately ribbed top with a satin midi skirt sends the message that you’re into all things comfy and cute.

Don’t forget that there are patterned shirts just begging to come out of hibernation and enjoy the fun and sun that has become synonymous with this time of year. During the long months of summer, we often inadvertently reach for clothing items that allow us to just breathe. Here’s where that linen comes in, and cutesy sandals too.

We all know that nothing says “cool for the summer” like a crop-top. This is the season to explore different takes on the midriff showcasing garment. Pairing a graphic printed crop-top with a midi skirt can be an easy way to be flirty with your fashion, while opting for a bra style top with baggy patterned pants can make you look like the second coming of Sporty Spice, how very on trend of you.

The graphic tee love doesn’t have to stop with a crop-top though, a band tee paired with nautical pinstripe pants is summer dream come true. And, if you’d really like to channel the relaxed aesthetic of summer, there’s (probably) nothing more iconic–or sensible, than a worn-in pair of overalls. Feeling a little weary about rocking the overall trend? Fear not, try pairing them with a pastel relaxed fit shirt, it doesn’t get more effortless than that.

It’s always been my opinion that the whole earth unfurls when summertime arrives. Well, mine and I suppose, American novelist,  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, as he famously wrote, ““And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” Come the month of May, spring blooms give in to summer green leaves, school years end, and people everywhere breathe out for the first time in months.

So there’s a lot to adore about the soft exhale of the summer season. Humid kisses from crushes, and golden hour lit laughter with friends. But perhaps what we cherish most can’t be explained, only felt. Maybe each year what we really fall in love with, is the promise of possibility that summer brings. Possibilities in our closets, in our relationships, and in our lives.

Photo Assistant: Stanley Tran

Stylist: Daniella Osuna

Models: Cameron Raines, Josh Ricketts, Ruebén Pagan, Tessa Chaplin

Hair/MUA: Tessa Chaplin Clothing: Urban Outfitters of Short Pump

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