EVOLVE Fashion Show 2019: How EVOLVE has Become a Voice in Diminishing Beauty Standards

Photographer by: Adriana Brown
Story Written by:
Adriana Brown

Have you ever flipped through a high fashion magazine and asked yourself why every page depicts a size 00 model with flawless skin and long slim legs? The fashion industry has given women a precise image of beauty that is introduced to girls at a young age and continues to be reinforced. This image of beauty excludes the majority of women, and EVOLVE decided that they had enough.

Saturday, September 21, marked EVOLVE’s first Evolution Fashion Show presented in partnership with Boulevard Burger and Brew. EVOLVE was initiated by Emma Manis in 2017 with the goal of breaking barriers within the fashion industry and promoting self-love for all women. The show featured models of all shapes, races, gender identities, ages, and abilities, in order to show that beauty comes in so many different forms.

The show was hosted by Mix 98.1 Richmond’s Kat Simmons and started off with insightful words about EVOLVE’s dedicated cause: “to give back the beauty of those who felt as though they lost it with the standards that had been set for them by others” (EVOLVE). Manis shared her inspiring story about battling with an eating disorder and how support from her loved ones and community built her up to a position to help others with similar conditions. Manis announced the launch of the Beauty Has No Limits Foundation, a nonprofit that will raise money to provide treatment to those suffering from eating disorders.

The show also featured guest designers such as Amanda Campbell and Amanda Villafana. ABLE by Amanda Campbell embodies the vision of empowering women through their contemporary pieces. The designs focus on making the everyday woman feel comfortable and confident in her own skin while giving her a modern edge. Amanda Villafana, VCU graduate, encourages girls to “just have fun” with her feminine, playful designs featuring bright colors and flattering silhouettes.

The fashion show was wrapped up with the models walking the runway wearing their Beauty Has No Limits t-shirts while carrying signs with empowering adjectives written on them. Models owned characteristics such as resilient, sexy, and genuine. The show was followed by a shop the runway event where attendees could buy looks straight from the runway. Later on, at  Boulevard Burger and Brew the foundation announced that the fashion show has raised $7,000 for the Beauty Has No Limits Foundation. 

We would like to thank EVOLVE for allowing our team to cover their show this year. 

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