The Pandemic Lookbook: Staying Fashionable Under Lockdown

By Jewel Nguyen
Photographer: Kyle Stuart

As we all face the global pandemic in these unprecedented times, the sense of autumn can easily pass you by. The changing colors of the leaves, the crisp autumn air, and the melodic chirp of birds all become white noise in the background of pandemic chaos. It’s a unique time for fashion, as well. With more and more days spent inside, personal style seems to slowly morph into a monotony of old T-shirts and pajama pants. Why dress up with nowhere to go? This is a question that we’ve all asked ourselves this fall season.

Although the pandemic can sometimes influence our outfit decisions, we believe in the importance of dressing up. This fall, we prepared a lookbook of style ideas that are perfect for the changing weather. 

For this photoshoot, our lovely models styled themselves with neutral tones on neutral tones, dainty jewelry, and black heels. Did I say neutral tones? Colors such as tan, beige, green, and black pair perfectly with the vibrant and colorful atmosphere of autumn. Pearls, gold jewelry, and dainty rings also tie together seamlessly with this look. If you’re looking to stay warm, a cardigan or blazer looks chic and stylish layered with a knit top underneath. Try varying the type of cuts in your outfits as well – for example, a long trench coat paired with a short cream top and black leggings pulls the outfit together well. 

We chose to reflect an everyday, practical lookbook to inspire looks with a similar aesthetic. These clothes are easy to style, accessible, and also thrift friendly!

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